Who is E-Rate eligible?

Schools and libraries, both public and private, who are or will be using telecommunication services and products.  In addition to traditional K-12 entities, other programs and entities are conditionally eligible: TraditionalNon-Traditional and Educational Service Agencies.

Which products and services are eligible?

The Eligible Services List is reviewed by the FCC annually and a revised list is published in the fall.  This list includes monthly telecommunications and internet access services, and specific technology hardware.

How do you estimate your entity’s E-Rate funding?

Individual schools, school districts and libraries are assigned a Discount Percentage.  This discount percentage is based on the ratio of students eligible for free and reduced lunch to total student enrollment.  Libraries share the discount percentage of the district in which they are located.  Take this discount and apply it to your budget for eligible products and services.

When or where do you start?

Start now!  Many tasks associated with the E-Rate Filing Process are unique to specific times of the year.   If you are currently in the program, be vigilant.  Funding can be lost at any point in the process due to inaccurate data and missed deadlines.  If you are new to the program, preparation begins now.

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