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Did you file your application during the recent Filing Window?  If so, your 2011 application may already be in review.  Be sure to respond quickly to PIA reviewers who request additional information – or contact us.  We can handle the entire review process for your district.

March 24th is the final day of the 2011 Filing Window!  You must wait 28 days after posting a Form 470… before you take the final step and post a Form 471.  Make sure your Forms 470 & 471 has been both submitted by the close of the Window.   Include Item 21 attachments with all Forms 470.  In order to be considered for funding all forms MUST be certified by 11:59 pm E.S.T.

A new rule applies to the 2011 Funding Year…and will apply going forward.  Applicants must submit Item 21 Attachments before the Filing Window closes March 24th.  We recommend you keep all documents used to create a Form 471.  Those records can be useful when your district is called upon to substantiate a request during PIA review.

Contract tip:
Once you have selected a Service Provider for recurring monthly services – you may be signing a contract.  Ask your Service Provider if your contract can be written such that the “Contract Execution Date” is separate from the “Service Start” and “Contract Expiration” dates.  The Contract Execution Date should be the date the contract is actually signed (in Window).  If your services will cover the entire funding year, we recommend that the contract Service Start Date be July 1st, with a Contract Expiration Date of June 30th of the appropriate year.

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